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The Stevenson and the lighthouses

The Stevenson and the lighthouses

With this week being the anniversary of Robert Stevenson’s birth in 1772 here are a couple of excellent books on both the man and the wider world of lighthouses.

‘The Lighthouse Stevensons’ by Bella Bathurst 1999 Harper Collins.  A comprehensive and very readable book about the wider Stevenson family who built many of the early Scottish lighthouses and the engineering feats they performed in getting the buildings to stay on some of the most wild waters of our coast.

‘The Lighthouses of Trinity House’ by Richard Woodman and Jane Wilson 2009 Thomas Reed Publications.  A beautiful book that the words ‘coffee table’ don’t do justice to.  While it will look lovely on the table you will want to read every word about each of the lighthouses that ring our coast, the amazing engineering that put them in place and the people who built them and lived in them. All helping to keep our shore and shipping safe.

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