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Insurance Maps

Insurance Maps

Goad fire insurance plans are unique primary source materials capturing what is, in many cases, otherwise undocumented information about buildings, land use and urban design.  Chas E Goad Co was the largest and most prolific producer of these documents.  They include footprints and addresses for each building, with its use (commercial, residential, educational etc.) and the height of the building. Construction materials were identified (and thus its risk of burning), as were special fire hazards, such as chemicals, kilns, and ovens.  The width of streets, addresses and the proximity of fire services and water supplies appear. High-risk industrial facilities such as factories and mills, warehouses, and port/transport areas were given particular attention.

The British Library owns the most comprehensive collection of Goad mapping available, having received all sheets published between 1895 and 1924; they can be viewed here.

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