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Biscuit Tunnel to get a proposed upgrade

Biscuit Tunnel to get a proposed upgrade

When Huntley & Palmer operated in Reading it had a small rail line that carried finished biscuits from the factory to a railway siding for distribution.   This route went under the main rail lines using an undercut called the Huntley & Palmer railway bridge or more affectionately the Biscuit Tunnel.  Two small Bagnall Fireless locomotives travelled the route.  The tunnel now forms a pedestrian route coming out close to Tesco in Napier Road.

Network Rail have submitted a planning application (no 201473) to update the bridge.  The application says “It is proposed to remove the existing metallic long timber decks and demolish the existing sections of arch structure down to springing level and install new precast reinforced concrete cill and deck units which will bear onto the existing substructures.” Reading’s planning applications can be seen here.  The proposal is still being considered.  It might be worth taking a trip to see the structure while it still looks as it did when the biscuits travelled through.

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