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Berkshire is a county rich in local history and heritage, but often the industrial heritage is little known and is disappearing without being considered for preservation or being adequately recorded. BIAG’s aim is to encourage a wider appreciation of our industrial past and act as a stimulant to the study and preservation of Berkshire’s industrial heritage.

We offer our members the chance to attend our regular events and outings and to receive our quarterly newsletter, as well as being able to share time and information with like-minded individuals. When required we undertake preservation and recording projects and work with local and countrywide bodies to protect our heritage.

Industrial archaeology covers a wide range of areas; transport, mills, machinery, waterways, factories, quarries, industrial buildings, power generation and much more.

BIAG is affiliated to the Associated for Industrial Archaeology, and members can attend their events at reduced rates and have access to their regular publications.

Membership costs £20, with subscriptions running for a calendar year.

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